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Southern Indiana Communication.INC

What is SINC

     Southern Indiana Communications was founded in august of 2020 by Will Bauer. This non-profit corporation was started to be wbro's fiscal spencer as a 501c3 non profit. Our goal is to bring tella com to southern Indiana in a non-profit faction. Our hope is to bring radio as well as internet television to the masses of southern Indiana. We are also looking into bringing hi-speed internet to Crawford County as well as neighboring county's.

Who is SINC

     SINC is run by CEO Will Bauer as well as President Shawn Scott and VP Andy Howell. Will Bauer CEO of SINC started his radio carrier at 15 at WOCC in Corydon Indiana. He later went on to work with radio personalities such as Les Cook with 107.7 and Sunny Steven's with WAKY. He approached Shawn Scott in late 2019 at the age of 16 with WBRO as a new opportunity in his life. Shawn Scott President of SINC has been a staple in the community in Crawford all his life with helping the community in many ways. As well as being the Marego town marshal. He has also been highly involved in the school corporation as well as the parks department. Andy Howell VP of SINC is a agriculture teacher at Crawford County High School as well as bring on the soil and water board started to help WBRO in 2017 as the sports director with coverage of Crawford County sports. He has continued to work with the community in every way possible and is a valuable asset to our community. 

How can you help us Seceded 

SINC is run of the donations of the community. If you would like to help us develop and grow you can contact Will Bauer, Shawn Scott or Andy Howell. With your donation you will allow us to continue to bring you quality content as well as new and improved ways of broadcast. SINC can not survive without your support.

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